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Sue & Andrew

Mesa Massage offers professional relaxing and therapeutic massage in a convenient accessible location. We are a very small company — just the two of us, son and mother. Both of us have over ten years experience in massage. We feel a special call to offer the kind of healing and pain relief that a skilled massage can bring.

In today’s world of computers and cubicles, massage is no longer a luxury. Sometimes
people compensate for a sedentary profes-sional life with an intense fitness program, and this too may cause pain and injury. To top it all off, Santa Barbara is an expensive place to live that creates additional conflicting priorities and stress as everyone puts in the extra work to make ends meet. These and many other aspects of our modern lifestyle create a special need for caring hands to bring relief and help people maintain great health and comfort.

It is rather daunting to have a small independent massage business in the face of the recession and competition from big corporate massage franchises that are sweeping the area, while our local outstanding independent therapists are struggling. We are counting on Santa Barbara’s proven loyalty to independent
locally-owned businesses — the same loyalty that has saved our local bookstores, restaurants, farmer’s markets and small retail stores that help make the area so special. With our discount program, we are doing our best to offer loyal clients competitive rates and great value with no annoying monthly membership fees. We are working to inspire your loyalty and trust.

Come in and enjoy a massage in our beautiful location where we know you will feel completely comfortable and find the relaxation and pain relief that you need. We promise to listen carefully to your concerns and feedback in order to give you exactly the massage you are hoping for.
Thanks, Andrew and Sue

Andrew and Sue

Relaxation & Pain Relief