Our Services

Swedish Massage

This is the gold standard for relaxation, stress relief and insomnia. It is a full-body, unclothed modality, but the client is draped with both a sheet and a blanket so that only the area being massaged is exposed. The work can be done with light, firm or deep pressure, according to your preferences. If there is moderate pain in one or two areas, you may ask the therapist to work more firmly in those areas, but the massage will still be a full-body massage focused on relaxation and stress relief rather than pain relief..

Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage

Your therapists have both been trained in muscle anatomy and a variety of deep tissue techniques which include trigger-point, sports, myofascial release and other deep muscle work. Therapeutic work focuses on one or two specific problem areas and special techniques are applied to a focal area. Verbal feedback is important in this kind of work as client and therapist are partners working together to solve a problem.

Extras are Included

Many spas charge extra for special services.  If they are important to your needs, hot towels, aromatherapy, and special lotions to heat, cool, or soothe an area, are included free.  Individual bottled waters are available to scheduled clients to encourage good hydration after bodywork.

Relaxation & Pain Relief