$50 off New Client Special!
Just $60 for your First 60 minute massage.
Or just$90 for your First 90 minute massage


Regular Massage pricing (by appointment)                                                                        
60 min.  $110                                                                                                                        
90 min.  $140                                                                                                                        
2 hours $170


Good News! Lots of ways to save!

Standing Discounts (Discounts can be combined!)

Combine your discounts!

$50 off New Client Special: Your very first scheduled massage with us is automatically discounted.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for paperwork.

$20 off your next massage when you book it at the time of your massage, and then keep the appointment.

$15 off your next massage when you refer a friend, after they have had their first massage with us. (Multiple discounts for multiple referrals.)

As of April 31th 2018 – Prices subject to change

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